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Enter Rebates - NEW Re-Loadable Gift Card

Whether for a Single Retailer or a Promotion Fulfillment/Rebate Processor

EnterRebate(s).com and SubmitRebate(s).com

allows you the opportunity to capitalize on the growing Rebate Card market and position yourself as the industry leader. 

***  Create more than a unique, brandable Website/Domain   ***

Introduce the EnterRebate(s).com/SubmitRebate(s).com Re-Loadable Gift Card 

Customer satisfaction, product loyalty, repeat business, brand recognition, word of mouth referrals.  These are what drives any
 successful business.  Create loyalty to you and your clients by offering your customers something unique in the industry, and save
money at the same time.  All gift cards come with tracking and balance monitoring, but you can save money and create brand loyalty
for your clients by offering their clients a choice.  They either choose the single payment gift cards they are used to, or
generate repeat business by offering them the Re-Loadable EnterRebate(s).com/SubmitRebate(s).com Gift Card.
The BRANDED Gift Card would highlight or and would feature logos of all the
participating merchant stores, such as Sprint, Home Depot, Walgreen's, etc. to build both brand and program awareness.

Saves Money, Creates Brand Loyalty/Recognition and Referral Sales

Save money by reducing production, storage and shipping costs of individual cards by offering Re-Loadable gift cards the
customer keeps and uses with future purchases.  As a promotion fulfillment company or even single retailer, customers would be able
to have multiple purchases loaded on the re-usable gift card.  This motivates them to shop at client stores, and saves you money overall.

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    AT & T                                 Dick's Sporting Goods                         RadioShack                            Westinghouse
    Amana                                Glidden                                                    Sprint                                        Whirlpool
    Best Buy                             LG                                                             T-Mobile                                   Verizon                             Proctor & Gamble

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